Its October 2015 and I am Back.  Its been a while since I wrote any blog content.  Let me catch you up with everything going on 2015 has been an interesting year so far.  Here is the latest:

  1. TechX Foundry will be opening its first Prototyping facility in early Q1 2016 in Newark.  With our Great Partnership with NJIT, we are moving right along.  See an article here.  Once we settle in and establish an operating, economic, and revenue/demand model for Newark, we will work again on setting up Secaucus for our 80K Sq. Ft. Hub.
  2. Thanks to our great team, our business Innovation Center and Collaboratory,  TechX Foundry, accelerates the concept to prototype and market process for Tech Hardware, Systems and Software efforts, while eliminating capital requirements, lowering risk and reducing time to a fraction of the off-shore, conventional methods today.  I received the Innovator of the Year for 2015 from the NJMEP and NJBiz.   See More Here.
  3. We have come to the realization that Tech Hardware investments are growing faster than their traditional Software options.  I really think Software Fatigue is slowing down the rate of investment in lieu of Hardware investments supporting companies in the IoT, Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, Security, Automotive, and other Hardware Growth markets.  Expect more on these fronts from our prototyping and editorials coming from TechX Foundry.
  4. Our Meetup Group has been growing steadily, with very little marketing efforts placed on it.  We are now over 750 Hardwarians.  While our Panel Discussion with 3 CxO’s has been well received, we are going to change our format for our November/December meetup.  We will have 5-10 Tech Hardware Companies pitch their businesses and desire for resources, support and dialogue.  Look for our Meetup Group emails to learn more.  Expect 2016 to be an even better year for Meetup content.
  5. On a Personal Note its been a period of Flux.  My wife is in China for 8-9 months (back every 8 weeks or so) and is living in Shanghai.  Check out here travel website if you get a chance.So its the bachelors at home (Stephan and I).  My daughter is now a Buckeye and is at her first year at Ohio State.  A great big 10 education.  She was accepted into the business school and also taking more Mandarin to become an international savant.

Well, thanks for tuning in.  Expect more from me soon.  Wishing all the best health, happiness, prosperity, and success.

Warm Regards,