I don’t get it. I just opened a newsletter I was interested in reading this morning. It was in PDF form, and formated in two-columns. The articles flowed from Top to Bottom in Column1 and then to the Top of Column Two.

This is a poor format for the age of reading on PC’s, Phones, iPads, Tablets, etc. ALL peopleĀ hate to scroll! Why force readers to go down, up, down, next page down, up, down through every page?

With a single article its best to either scroll down to reach the rest of the article (continue to scroll down) or one touch/button to the next page… without columns. Newspapers use multi-columns and “go-tos” since they want you to view and see all their advertisements as you travel on or between pages.

The new formats and flows on devices and PCs allow for continuous scrolling or in very cools ways let you “swipe” sideways to the next page. This is smart layout for digital media and content.

Popular Science Magazine produced a great video which talks about its approach to designing its e-reader approach. Its quite fascinating and found here:


Am I crazy? If you have something to say then simple SCROLL DOWN and make a comment.